Radio, Copenhagen

The restaurant is named after the old radio house, which is just next door. However, the inside rather looks like a modern chalet situated in a garden. The wooden wall panels are decorated with vegetable pictures.

The Radio changes his menu every week and therefore only has a choice of 5 dishes in total. The guests can choose between three or of five courses with or without wine pairing. My friend and I picked the first option with wine pairing and weren’t disappointed.

Cod / pumpkin / more pumpkin

The pumpkin was so good that I tried to copy the dish at home!

Beef / mushrooms / plums

The beef was purposely burned on the outside and nearly raw on the inside. I understand that the chef wanted to play with flavours, but unfortunately it wasn’t really my thing.

Pear / buttermilk / grain

However, the ice-cream was delicious again; the perfect mix of softness and crunch.

I’d recommend the Radio restaurant to the daring foodies amongst you. You have to like to be surprised with uncommon flavours and textures.

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