Aamann’s, Copenhagen


I must admit when my friend first announced that she would like to go to a smørrebrød restaurant I wasn’t really convinced. Firstly, because I prefer warm lunches to cold sandwiches and secondly, because I always thought that smørrebrød was dry and had no particular taste.

Well, I was proven wrong. It turns out that it is black bread, hence mainly made out of rye and therefore full of flavour. Actually, it reminded me of my childhood as that was the kind of bread my mum made me for school. Obviously I didn’t like it that much back then, but would have preferred a donut or something else fancier.

Getting back to the NOW, it was delicious!! I chose a mix of 4 with the following toppings:


From left to right

  1. Egg with fried onions and salad
  2. Pumkin with egg and olives (my favourite!)
  3. Creamy chicken salad with tomatoes and cress
  4. Pork slices with apple slices and dry salted bacon

The waitress recommended us to order schnapps too as the smørrebrød can be quite heavy. I chose fennel schnapps – super strong and super good!

If I made you appetite, make sur to book a table before going. They usually don’t take any walk-ins and it would be a shame if you’d miss out!

The Aamann’s restaurant is definitely on my “I have to go again list” when I am in Copenhagen next time. Smørrebrød rocks!

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