Geist, Copenhagen

It was pure luck that my friend and I stumbled upon this great restaurant! We simply owe it to the fact that we arrived late at our hotel. The receptionist informed us that there are not many restaurants taking orders after 10pm.

Driven by our hunger we didn’t give up that quickly, but crossed the street towards a few restaurants and fortunately discovered Geist.

The entrance is hidden in a backyard. The interior is rather dark with black furniture and warm lighting, which gives it a cosy touch. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff very nice and easy-going.

Our view into the kitchen

We were seated on bar stools with view into the open kitchen. The menu offers small and slightly larger savoury dishes and desserts. It is recommended to begin by choosing a few dishes, and if you have an appetite to order as you go.

My  choice:

Hotels, heels and halibut
Duck with figs
Food blog
Turbot with fennel
Blue stilton with chocolate crumble
Blackberries with buttermilk ice-cream

Every dish had an unusual combination of ingredients, which I liked a lot.
It was all super delicious and I will definitely go back next time I’m in Copenhagen!

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