Happy New Year!!

I wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2017!

Spending Christmas time with my loved ones helped me to restore my energies and think about my resolutions for the New Year.

I have always been concerned with leaving a small CO2 footprint. That’s why I decided to take more actions around my sustainable lifestyle this year.

I have created a new category on the blog called “sustainable living”, where I will share easy everyday life tips and tricks on how to save energy and water, reduce food waste, recycle, use environment friendly products, etc.

Of course, I will not stop sharing my travel and restaurant reviews with you! Neither my recipes, but I will try to add some advice on how to do all these things with more respect for the environment and nature.

My aim is not to be patronising nor to create an eco-blog, but I would like to raise awareness. Every year we dump 2.12 billion tons of waste all over the world. If we all start living a little more consciously, we can already make a change!

Thanks for your loyalty last year and to a great 2017!


I took the picture last week near Nendaz in the Valais (2200m). Unfortunately there is no snow yet…

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