Badrutt’s Palace, St. Moritz

I love to ski and when the weather permits it, you can find me on the slopes every winter weekend. This is a major privilege when living in Switzerland, not too far away from the Alps! Apart from the weekends, we traditionally go skiing once a year in Pontresina a 5-minute drive away from St. Moritz.

At least once during my holidays I like to go “people watching”. One of my favourite spots for that is the Badrutt’s Palace bar. You may find fur lovers, well and not so well operated ladies (or men), chic and not so chic, fashionable and not so fashionable people. In a nutshell: an interesting and colourful crowd.

You will therefore be not surprised that I have been wondering for a long time already how it would be to sleep in the palace hosting the “rich and famous” as well as the once who prefer to be discrete.

When I found out that I will have the occasion to stay there for a work event and discover what else is behind these old walls, I was more than excited!

Unfortunately I only stayed for two nights, but it was enough to understand why the Badrutt’s Palace has a long history and is part of the best hotels in Switzerland.

My stay started with an absolute highlight: I was picked-up by the hotel’s chauffeur in an old Rolls Royce!! I must admit for the five minute car ride from the train station to the hotel I felt like a princess.


The feeling continued when the friendly receptionist informed me that I had a lake view room!

I only got a quick glance at the spa. However, long enough to admire the outlook on the surroundings and to take a nap in the garden.

In the night I was warmed by the personalised hot-water bottle (definitely my second highlight after the Rolls Royce). Frankly, it wasn’t easy to leave it behind…


Of course I would have loved to be there for leisure in order to have more time to enjoy the Badrutt’s Palace spa, try one of the restaurants and sit on the balcony to gaze at the beautiful mountains. I guess I’ll have to come back very soon!

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