Poletto Winebar, Hamburg

Hamburg is my favourite town in Germany and home to a part of my family. These two reasons bring me regularly to the beautiful Nordic city and I never miss a chance to try new (or old) eating spots, when I am there.

The Poletto Winebar is one of my regular dinner spots. Situated in the quarter “Eppendorf”, the charming Italian owner, Remigio Poletto, welcomes you in a warm ambiance with dark wooden furniture, decoratively stocked wine cases and dimmed light. Although it is called “winebar” I would define it as an Italian restaurant.

The menu offers a choice of antipasti, pizza and pasta, but also two fish and meat dishes and of course tiramisu (among other desserts), which shouldn’t miss on any Italian menu.

I had “Burrata con Carciofi e Pomodoro” (burrata with marinated artichokes, grilled tomatoes and rocket salad). It transported me right back to my last summer holidays in Italy!


As a main course I had “Orata alla griglia”. Grilled seabream with vegetables and rosemary potatoes. The fish tasted as fresh as it looks and the side dishes were perfectly seasoned.

Burrata: 12.50€
Seabream: 26.50€

The Winebar is a little more expensive than other restaurants in the area, but the dishes are very tasty, the food of high quality and the staff kind and welcoming. Good reasons to pay a little more!

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