Casa de Tapes Cañota, Barcelona

La Cañota, how the locals call it, is a typical tapas restaurant in Barcelona. Its concept is inspired by traditional bistros in former times. They usually had a drawn animal (crab, fish, etc.) on their door to signify potential guests that they are serving tapas.

© Casa de Tapes Cañota

Not only from the outside, but also inside is the influence visible. You can find cute drawings on the windows, the menu and  table sets.

© Casa de Tapes Cañota

The menu offers a huge choice of tapas per type and region. I counted 38 different kinds excluding dishes like paella. We were a big group and our Spanish friends (who love to eat) nearly ordered every tapa on the menu for us. Pimientos de Padron, shrimps, mussels, stock fish omelette, … just to name a few.

Everything was delicious, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to finish all. That’s why I would suggest to start with a few tapas and when you are still hungry, order more.

We were more than full and paid 45€ per person including beverages.

Casa de Tapes Cañota should definitely be on your list for your next Barcelona visit. Why? Because of its fun concept, the good service and the quality of food. I will definitely go back next time I’m in town!

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