Le Berceau des Sens, Lausanne

Le Berceau des Sens is the fine dining and training restaurant of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. It is open from Monday to Friday for lunch or dinner. The students are the service and kitchen staff supervised by professionals. The modern restaurant was planned by the Stuart Wildson a well-known interior designer in the hospitality industry.

Being alumni of the hotel school, I remember that serving at the fine dining restaurant was one of the more challenging weeks in the practical year. Apart from knowing all dishes by heart (the current “à la carte menu” has 17 excluding the 3 menus), you have to learn about all cheeses on the trolley and the wine menu with limited time to prepare. Having it experienced myself, I know that it’s not an easy task. But I can say that the students who worked at the restaurant last week did a great job!

There is a choice between two menus and “à la carte”. I chose the latter.


The starter was “quail eggs and Imperial caviar, salmon and parsley scented cream of salsify”. The dish was very harmonious with a great combination of flavour and textures.


As a main course I had “farmed guinea fowl breast spiked with foie gras, potato and truffle gnocchi”. I liked the presentation of the dish, the meat was very tender and the sauce delicious (I would have preferred some more).

I chose the “dessert of the day”, which usually represents another little challenge for the students as flambéing is involved. Mandarins were flambéed à la minute with sugar, resulting in a sweet sauce with an acidic touch thanks to the citrus fruit. They were served with a mini chocolate cake and passion fruit ice-cream, a very tasty and refreshing dessert.

Apart from my emotional attachment to the place, I can really recommend Le Berceau des Sens. Situated in Chalet-à-Gobet, 20 minutes’ drive from the city centre of Lausanne it gives you the chance of a culinary excursion. A fine dining restaurant with a special service experience (you will feel the difference to “normal restaurants”, not only because of the motivation of the students) and moderate prices.

Starter: CHF 35.-
Main course: CHF 48.-
Dessert: CHF 17.-
Little plus: water is free of charge!

You might also like: Brasserie du Royal, Lausanne or Café Beau-Rivage, Lausanne.


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