Whitepod, Valais (CH)

Getting to the whitepod hotel was our first little adventure of the weekend. After driving on serpentines for 20 minutes (which we are used to, because we love to ski) the road got smaller and there was only space for one car at the time. We were lucky that there was no snow on the streets and not much oncoming traffic, but were still happy when we safely arrived at the parking slot.

At check-in we received a backpack with a torch, two headlights, spikes for our shoes and a walky-talky, in case of an emergency. We could have walked with snowshoes to our whitepod. However, to our big regret, there wasn’t much snow and we decided against it.

Whilst our luggage was taken up by a snow car, we hiked about 15 minutes until we reached our “cosy pod” (the actual name of the room category or should I say “pod category?).

Snow shoes were placed in front of it, our luggage already inside and the tile stove burning. In order to keep the pod warm, the fireplace has to be refilled with wood regularly. If you are not in the pod, you may put the red cup (see picture above) and the staff will take care of it. A clever system, as in the same time it also works like a “do not disturb” sign.

Like its name suggests, the pod is very cosy. There is a kettle to make tea, two chairs placed in front of the panoramic window to enjoy the view of the mountains, a king-size bed and a wooden bathroom.

The whitepods are described as “Eco-luxury hotel and Alpine experience”. That’s why you find recycling bins in the rooms, toiletries made out of recycled material and there is no mini bar, but you may drink water from the mountain source.

We arrived just in time to enjoy the tea time at the pod house (in 2 minutes walking distance from each pod). We ate home-made waffles, drank tea, read our books and listened to the guitar player.


When staying at the pods your only choice for dinner is the chalet (by the parking) also managed by the hotel. No street lamps are surrounding the pods. That means you have to put the headlights and spikes on and hike to dinner (in any case, cheese fondue should be earned, right?). The walk is very nice as torches are lighting the way.


After dinner we walked back up to our pod. There is no TV in the “cosy pods”, but seriously who needs a TV when beautiful nature is surrounding you? We could see the starry sky above the snowy mountains from our panorama window, the warmth of the fire place gave a pleasant heat and the smell of wood made the atmosphere even cosier… long story short, everything is very romantic and you don’t need “in room entertainment”.

During the night the fireplace had gone off and it started to get cold. I strategically chose the bed side in front of the tile stove and therefore didn’t have to freeze for long to put the fire back on. But ladies, if you have a man sleeping as deeply as mine, be warned! You’ll be the one reheating the oven during the night!

whitepod and snow

The next morning was magical. We could hear the snow falling onto the roof whilst mist rose up from the valley. Difficult to get up, but we managed it in time for breakfast at the pod house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snow to take advantage of the activities offered like snowshoe hiking, dogsledding ride or paragliding. That’s why we checked out at 11am and made our way back home.

Although the weather wasn’t perfect, the stay at the whitepod was the most romantic hotel experience I had so far! If you are looking for a special surprise for your partner in crime, you can’t do anything wrong by booking a stay here!

Cosy pod: CHF 620.-
Cheese fondue with a dried meat platter, salad, white wine and water: CHF 140.-

My whitepod tips:

  • Make sure to take snow chains with you, just in case.
  • Take light luggage, if possible no suitcase but a waterproof bag.
  • Don’t take more valuables as necessary. There is a safe, but the pod cannot be locked with a key, but only with a zip.
  • Take your skis if there is enough snow. They have a private slope!

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