Marchal, Copenhagen

The 1 Michelin star restaurant Marchal is located in THE five-star hotel in Copenhagen named D’Angleterre. The iconic hotel reopened in 2013, welcoming its guests in new surroundings.

Already the arrival is magical. We ate at the Marchal during our stay in December when the D’Angleterre looked like a snow palace thanks to its Christmas decoration.


When entering the hotel you will find the restaurant on the left. It is furnished classically with a modern twist, the colour scheme is earthy. Mainly taupe and grey mixed with aubergine and purple elements. From the high ceilings beautiful chandeliers are giving a warm light.
I could go on and on about the interior design, because I liked every little detail. (Actually, if I should ever have a dining room of a certain size, its look will definitely be inspired by the Marchal).

But I talked enough interior design. Let’s talk food.
The menu is clearly presented and fits onto one A4 page, which seems a little limited at the beginning, but the concept is well thought- through.
To begin with there is a choice of 8 “à la carte” items at the size of a starter. The chef proposes to either choose 3 of these dishes and a dessert or 1 “à la carte” dish and one of the “favourite dishes” as a main course. We had the choice of Chateaubriand, monkfish or lobster (with two servings). You’ll see what I went for later…


My starter was “scallop with foamy Jerusalem artichoke soup and truffle”. It was divine! The scallops were perfectly cooked, the soup just enough scented with artichoke and the truffle added an earthy taste. My favourite dish of the dinner!

As a main course I chose two servings of lobster.
The first serving was “lobster claw with pickled butternut squash and Polynesian vanilla”. The vanilla was cut by the table and added freshly to the sauce. As an add-on: coriander was served to “clean the plate” – a great idea, which I haven’t experienced before. The herb added another taste sensation at the end and (most important for me) the sauce was so delicious that I was glad that I didn’t have to leave one bit of it in the plate.

The second serving was “lobster tail with spring leeks, parsley, herb bouquet and saffron sauce.” The lobster and the saffron sauce complemented one another perfectly. The only downside, the tail wasn’t hot enough. Nevertheless, cleaning the plate with the herb bouquet was again a very nice end to the dish.


At the end of the meal I only had space for a little dessert. I enjoyed “white chocolate ganache macarons with condensed milk”. A good finish to a very great dinner!

I can really recommend the Marchal to all gourmets among you, who appreciate an “haute cuisine” meal in a beautiful setting. The restaurant’s interior is beautiful, the staff welcoming and attentive and the food wonderful. If you are in Copenhagen for a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, this is the place to go!

Scallop with foamy Jerusalem artichoke soup and truffle: 190 DKK / 25€
Lobster (two servings): 500 DKK / 67€
Macarons: 45 DKK/ 6€

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks absolutely amazing! I checked out the hotel when I was in the city a few months ago and absolutely adored it as it got renovated beautifully. Now knowing that the restaurant is amazing as well, I can’t wait to stay there.

    Thanks for the review! 🙂


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