PS Bar & Grill, Copenhagen

Do you know the feeling when you are only a tourist in a city, you have been sightseeing for quite some time already and you suddenly start getting hungry, but you have no clue where to go?

I found myself in exactly that situation during our stay in Copenhagen. My fiancé just proudly told me that we have already been walking 12km when I suddenly realised that I need food. Quickly.

My fear is always to run into the typical “tourist trap”: an overpriced restaurant, close to the city’s attractions with no atmosphere and bad food. We were in the shopping area when we saw the PS bar & grill at the beginning of a mall. Firstly a little suspicious, I was quickly convinced that it qualifies as a good lunch spot.

The bar of the restaurant, in an industrial style setting, is the centrepiece. There are several seating options – low or high tables, at the bar or even comfortable couches when you just feel like a drink and snacks.

The menu consists of a number of small dishes, side orders and sauces. The idea is that the guests can put together the meal completely as wished.

Pizza PS bar

I was quite hungry (as you might have figured) that’s why I ordered a pizza with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, olives, artichokes and fresh basil (for 17.25€). It was crunchy and tasted really good thanks to the fresh ingredients.
My man was also very happy with his fish, which he combined with broccoli.

I liked the cool interior design of the restaurant; the service was quick and the food good. If you should find yourself hungry in the shopping area of Copenhagen one day, the PS bar & grill is definitely a place where you can regain your energy to continue your shopping spree!

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