Peder Oxe, Copenhagen

The charming restaurant Peder Oxe is located on a small square called Gråbrødretorv in the middle of Copenhagen. The menu is inspired by Nordic and French cuisine. It offers different fish dishes, burgers, steaks and chocolate desserts. You may also choose from a big salad buffet when you prefer a lighter meal.

When opening the door to the restaurant you have the feeling you enter into someone’s dining room.

The whole interior design is very cosy. There is an open kitchen; a fireplace and they have a funny service feature. Every table has a lamp with a green light bulb on top. When you press the switch it lights up and a service staff arrives right away to take care of you.

My starter was a lobster soup with white wine, cream and cognac. A very rich, savoury and delicious soup!

As a main course I had (surprise, surprise) a venison steak with salt-baked celeriac, celery root purée with browned butter and gremolata.
The meat was very good, the side dishes were unfortunately a little cold.

I was too full to try Peder Oxe’s desserts, but they sounded very good.

When you are looking for an easy-going restaurant with a warm atmosphere that’s the place where you should go in Copenhagen!

Lobster soup: 95 Kr. / 13€
Venison steak: 235 Kr. / 32€

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