Deck 7 Market Restaurant, Hamburg

“Deck 7” is situated in the five-star hotel “Süllberg” in Hamburg. Karlheinz Hauser, a well-known German chef, manages the hotel and also runs the 2 Michelin star restaurant “Seven seas” in the same hotel.

It overlooks the quarter “Blankenese” and offers splendid views onto the river Elbe. I had dinner at the Deck 7 with my family on Christmas day. I chose the festive four-course menu at 78€.


The amuse bouche was a salmon tartar with beetroot. Delicious!


The starter was “Maine lobster with carrots, chicory and ginger”. The lobster was soft and in combination with the vegetables a tasteful dish with sweet and sour notes.


The soup was “an essence of Miéral quail with smoked quail breast, sherry and root vegetables”. Unfortunately, it just tasted like a normal broth and was nothing special.


The main course was a “peppered veal filet with parsnip, savoy cabbage and glazed onions”. The meat was perfectly cooked and pink. A very delightful main course!


The dessert was a “dôme au chocolat with raspberries, vanilla ice-cream and beaten gold. It tasted, like it looks: very good!!

The menu at “Deck 7” in the Süllberg hotel was, apart from the broth, very delicious. The service staff was attentive and polite.

An address, which you should keep in mind when visiting Blankenese one day!

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