Bistro at the Union International Club, Frankfurt

The bistro at the “Union International Club” in Frankfurt is run by the German chef André Grossfeld. He is also gastronomic tenant of the Villa Merton restaurant with 1 Michelin star, named after the building in which the private members only club is situated.

Union Club

Whether a member or not, everyone is allowed to go there for lunch or dinner and so did we on a Sunday night. The bistro can be found in the former Colonial room decorated in a classical style with beige and aubergine colours.

Loster ravioli

The menu is small, but offers an interesting range of creative (e.g. curry soup with white chocolate) and seasonal dishes. As a starter I chose ravioli filled with spinach and lobster with lobster bisque. Very delicious!

Venison and brussels sprouts

My main course was venison (surprise!) with Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and lingonberry jam. The venison was unfortunately a little overcooked and therefore dry, but apart from that it was still a good dish.

Cinnamon ice cream

As a dessert I chose cinnamon ice cream with plums and chocolate mousse – a traditional mix of flavours, which can’t go wrong.

All in all, it was a nice eating experience at the bistro in the Villa Merton in Frankfurt. It is not a restaurant, where I would go with my friends, but rather with parents or grandparents, who appreciate the classical décor and the calm atmosphere paired with good food.

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