Moriki, Frankfurt

Moriki serves modern Japanese cuisine in the city centre of Frankfurt only a stone throw away from the Opera house. “Mori” means “wood” and “ki” life energy.


In line with its concept and name, the restaurant is decorated with wooden furniture and tree wallpapers making you feel “close to nature”, but in a modern and urban setting. Guests interested in the sushi preparation can take a seat at the bar and watch the chefs arrange the food “à la minute”.

I met at the Moriki with a friend for lunch during the Christmas Season, which is mostly related (as you know) to eating. That is why we were both happy about the light Japanese fusion cuisine on the menu.

Summer rolls Moriki

To begin with, we ordered “edamame” a must in every Japanese restaurant! Afterwards we had “summer rolls”: shrimp, pork, rice noodles, peanuts, and coriander filled rice paper rolls. They were delicious! The peanuts were crunchy and the combination of shrimp and pork (of which I wasn’t convinced before) created a nice contrast of taste.

Crispy chicken roll

We finished with “crispy chicken roll”: futo inside out, fried chicken & skin, avocado, cucumber, coriander, sweet chilli sauce, unagi sauce and chives (top) and “spicy tnt roll”: inside out roll, grilled salmon & skin, avocado, cucumber, jalapenos, thai chillis, chilli sauce (bottom).

The crispy chicken roll was a little difficult too eat due to the size, but otherwise a very nice combination of flavours. The spicy tnt roll was also very tasty and I loved the jalapenos on top, which gave it a Spanish twist.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have “tummy space” for dessert. But to be honest, I am quite happy about it as it gives me a good reason to go back there again soon!

The Moriki in Frankfurt is one of the nicest Japanese restaurants I have been to in a long time! Not only, because of the amazing food, but also because of the ambiance which is cool, urban and modern.

We paid:
Edamame: 5€
Summer rolls: 7€
Crispy chicken roll: 14€
Spicy tnt roll: 13€

When you are in Frankfurt one day, this restaurant should definitely be on your list!


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