Garden Restaurant, Zürich

The Garden Restaurant is situated in The Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich, where I recently stayed with a friend for a relaxing spa weekend.

The restaurant is an “all-rounder”, serving breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. The chef, Patrick Hetz, cooks European dishes with modern Swiss twists.
When we ate at there it had just been awarded 14 GaultMillau points, which was celebrated with a special “Celebration menu”.


The starter was marinated scallops with mango salsa, pickled beetroot and cucumber tartar. It was fresh and had a good portion size.


As a main course I chose the beef entrecote with port wine shallots, Kenya beans, Jerusalem artichoke and polenta “Ticino style”.

The meat, as expected in a 5 star hotel, was very tender thanks to its good quality and I liked the sauce a lot (since my last time in Lisbon I’m a port wine fan).


The dessert was a poppy seed mousse with biscuit coat, “Grüner Veltiner” foam and grape compote.

I love poppy seeds since I am little as the best poppy seed cake ever is made and sold in German bakeries (you should definitely try it!). That is why the dessert was totally to my liking. However, I thought that the wine foam and the grape compote wouldn’t have been necessary.

All in all it was a very nice dining experience and I can mention the Garden Restaurant to everyone who is staying at the hotel.
However, as The Dolder Grand is further away from Zurich city center, I wouldn’t recommend it to people staying in the city only for a short time.

The 3 course menu cost: CHF 80.- including a celebration cocktail

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