Brasserie du Royal, Lausanne

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to try the newly opened restaurant “Brasserie du Royal” located in the hotel “Royal Savoy” in Lausanne.


A very charming hostess took our coats and explained the philosophy of the restaurant whilst walking with us through the corridor on the picture above. On both sides you may find fridges with a selection of wines (400 references in total), meat and cheese. The tiles on the floor indicate different wine regions on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Like the Brasserie Royal’s signature chef Marc Haeberlin, our waitress was from the Alsace and could tell us everything about the regional specialities on the menu.


As an amuse-bouche we were served mini “Flammkuchen”, which came freshly out of the oven.


My starter was “Le pâté «Royal» en croute”. Four meats and foie gras baked in puff pastry, celery root remoulade, and wholegrain mustard. It tasted very good, but I found the portion a little too big for a starter.


As a main course I chose a “Fillet of venison” with wild mushrooms, cream-cheese knepfle and seasonal fruit compote. It was simply marvellous! There is not one thing I could criticise in that dish. The venison was tender and tasty, the cream-cheese knepfle were deliciously seasoned and the seasonal fruit compote got me directly into the Christmas mood tasting like cinnamon and red wine.


My dessert was a “Café Gourmand”. This formula allows you to enjoy a coffee (or tea) with a selection of small desserts. I could therefore try four instead of one!
From left to right: pear with pear ice cream and chocolate crisps, cheesecake with orange, mango coulis with vanilla cream and (my absolute favourite!) éclair filled with chocolate mousse.

The dinner cost CHF 87.- without beverages, which is good value for money considering the quality of the food.

You might wonder why I didn’t take a picture of the interior. Simply because I think that you should go and see for yourself!

I would be happy if you would share your experience with me!

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  1. Moritz says:

    The price is quite steep at first sight, but considering it’s amazing cuisine in Switzerland it sounds fair again. Thanks for your extensive review 🙂


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